MELK, AUSTRIA — Thursday, December 3

High on a rocky outcrop lies the Melk Abbey, one of Europe’s most revered monasteries and most beautiful Baroque architectural assembly. Times Journeys will spend a memorable afternoon at this magnificent Benedictine Abbey, which now houses a museum chronicling its history and a famous library with countless medieval manuscripts.

Melk Abbey is a monastery that has now existed within an uninterrupted tradition for over 900 years. Since In 1089 the Babenberg Margrave Leopold II brought Benedictine monks into his fortress where the abbey now stands. Since then, the Benedictines have lived on the site under the credo “ORA et LABORA et LEGE — PRAY, WORK, LEARN” while exhorting themselves to “never stop beginning”.

Learn about the history, architecture, and place of Melk Abbey in the Wachau cultural landscape. Whether you find the incredibly ornate church interior thrilling, or prefer quiet moments viewing the Danube panorama from the Abbey terrace, we think you’ll find your Melk visit unique and fulfilling.

Exclusive Times Journeys Excursion:
Melk Benedictine Abbey (included)

  • Tour of the Abbey including the library, church, marble hall, and museum
  • Plus tour the Dietermayrsaal and Kolomanisaal with info about the symbolism of the ceilings
  • A discussion of the importance of astronomy in the study of the monks and in the library’s holdings; we’re expecting to view the Fragment 229 of Magister Wolfgand de Styria and/or the Coronelli globes
  • Viewing the exquisite mineral and meteorite collection
  • Lunch at the Stiftsrestaurant Melk


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