map of our eclipse viewing spot

Duration of totality: 2 minutes, 40 seconds. Magnitude: 1.015. Subtract five (5) hours from UT time for local time.
I.e., the start of the total eclipse (C2) in Hopkinsville will be 1:24pm. Hopkinsville is about 70 miles from Nashville.

SOLAR ECLIPSE: 6am – 9pm

Off to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to view the 2017 Great American Eclipse. We will get oriented to our Hopkinsville facilites, a site with good viewing prospects, Southern hospitality, and all the features/amenities you need on a hot and humid Summer day: food and beverages (included), shade, and in-door bathrooms.

After the celestial excitement abates, we’ll head back to our Nashville hotel and celebrate the eclipse experience at a cocktail party and group dinner.

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(Meals provided: breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
[ 4.5-star hotel in the heart of Nashville ]

Make the most of your eclipse experience

Who better to experience the August 21, 2017 TSE with than Kelly Beatty, S&T Senior Editor? Join Kelly for S&T’s Nashville-based eclipse adventure and classic summer vacation fun. He’ll discuss solar eclipses, brief us on local weather prospects and eclipse-day logistics, and share advice for seeing the eclipse successfully.

Kelly Beatty has been explaining the science and wonder of astronomy to the public since 1974. An award-winning writer and communicator, he specializes in planetary science and space exploration as Senior Editor for Sky & Telescope magazine. Kelly enjoys sharing his passion for astronomy with a wide spectrum of audiences, from children to professional astronomers, and you’ll occasionally hear his interviews and guest commentaries on National Public Radio and The Weather Channel. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the International Dark-Sky Association.