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Glacier Tops / Image by Bill Durrence


ALASKA • AUGUST 19TH — 26TH, 2006

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Tech TV Video Clip


Closeup Shooting (Butchart Gardens in VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Urban Landscapes in Alaska
(downtown JUNEAU)

Natural Landscapes
(Tongass National Forest, KETCHIKAN)

Doing Panoramas (JUNEAU — from the top of Robert's Tram or at Mendenhall Glacier)

Portraits & Personalities (downtown SITKA)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is known for its stunning waterfront. "Catch" a salmon at Pike Place Market, ride to the top of the Space Needle, sample a local microbrew in funky Fremont, or down a cup of java in the coffee capital of the world.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

For years Juneau's livelihood, like that of many cities in Alaska, was tied to mining. The city itself is built on tailings from the A-J mine whose shafts perforate the hillside above town. Because it is Alaska's capital, Juneau prospers through government work and tourism. This is a great place to sample salmon baked over an alderwood fire, pan for gold, and hike the massive Juneau Icefield. If you feel the need for speed, hop on a sled and let a dog team pull you across the surface of a glacier.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bald eagles perch in the spruce and cedar trees of Sitka—often several to a branch. Russian Alaska is enthusiastically represented in a lively performance by the New Archangel Dancers. View holy paintings of the Czarist days, visit recuperating eagles at the rehabilitation center and hear the amazing story of the Cathedral fire and Sitka's mad flurry to save the church's icons and religious treasures.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

In the heart of the Tongass National Forest, immerse yourself in Tlingit Indian culture and view the world's largest collection of totem poles; kayak the colorful waterfront and stroll the boardwalk that once led to Ketchikan's red light district.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

High tea can be taken at the Empress Hotel if you really want to discover what Victoria is all about. Then, walk over to the breathtaking Museum of Natural History or stroll through the charming downtown of that lives up to its British-flavored name with double-decker buses, turreted castles, fine British woollens and delicate china. A coach-ride away, the Butchart Garden earns every superlative of its impeccable reputation for glorious blooms and redolent scents.

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Cruise prices vary from $1,279 for an Inside Stateroom to $3,349 for a Full Suite, per person. For those attending the conference, there is a $695 fee. Taxes are $51 per person. All prices and fees are detailed on the HOW TO BOOK page.

The classes offered are detailed on the SEMINARS page. Classes are only offered when we're at sea. For a detailed listing of the cruise itinerary, along with the class times, please review our ITINERARY page.

For questions, please don't hestitate in calling 650-327-3692 or emailing

Arctic Exposure offers two seminar tracks for different levels of competency. Both tracks cover camera operation and computer skills plus much of our class time will emphasize improving your photography/composition. All attendees may participate, at any time, in either the Core Competency or Advanced Tracks.


Core Competency Track

For those individuals new to digital photography who want an in-depth look at their camera's features including the role of light, and optimizing image capture.

Camera Controls covered will include:

• Set up-date, time, etc.

• File format and jpeg options

• Resolution

• Exposure and its modes; including flashing highlights, reading the histogram, and using exposure compensation

• Focusing


• White Balance

• Lens — dealing with angle of view

• Camera handling

Advanced Photographer Track

For SLR users who know their camera well and want advanced workshops in image capture, lighting, digital workflow, archiving, and the more-advanced camera controls:

• Accommodating the properties and quality of light

• Fine-tuning exposure with different meter choices (including exposure compensation, bracketing, and using feedback of flashing highlights and histogram, ISO and noise issues)

• Exposure controls — f-stop/depth of field, shutter speed/motion control

• Exposure modes — A, S, M

• White Balance — custom WB, creative WB

• Advanced camera menus — tone compensation, sharpening, etc.

• Shooting in RAW format

• Lenses — controlling angle of view combined with varying camera position to control perspective and emphasize or reduce importance of elements in scene

• Using flash — controlling exposure and managing quality of light (direction, diffusion, etc.)

Topics covered for all attendees:

• Making Better Photos (including Composition)

• Stitching Together Panoramas

• Shooting Glaciers — the Onboard Field Trip

• Critique/Open Forum

• Lab/personal editing time with guided assistance


• The Core Competency class will look at the Photoshop interface, selections, painting, and basic tools for color correction (e.g., histograms and the Levels tool).

• The Advanced Photoshop Track deals with more advanced color correction techniques including the Curves tool, layers, and masks.


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Ben Long is a writer, videographer and photographer based in San Francisco. He is the author of The Complete Digital Filmmaking Handbook, Complete Digital Photography, and Getting Started with Camera Raw. This will be Ben's sixth Geek Cruise.

Bill Durrence is looking forward to his third Geek Cruise. Says one attendee: "I can't tell you how favorably impressed I was by the professionalism and commitment to teaching a great class that Bill Durrence displayed."

Speakers have confirmed their intent to participate; however, scheduling conflicts may arise.


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