Convincing Your Spouse

Some Important Information to Help You Make Travel Decisions!


Come Sail with Us

Please join us in the Geek Cruises community. We've been providing cruise events for technology buffs and their friends and family since 2000. A GeekCruise is a delightful, vibrant event — among real, involved, diverse, interesting people. As you consider the invitation to accompany your spouse on a GeekCruise, we have a few questions for you:

Tired of the fast lane? Immerse yourself in the slow lane for a week — a healthy escape to an oasis of well-being, loved ones, memorable experiences. Your GeekCruise simplifies vacation. Forget hassle. We can arrange airfare, and pre- and post-cruise hotels for you. We can even help you arrange to have your luggage shipped directly from your foyer to your stateroom, and back home again.

Looking to escape the pressures of every day? Lower your stress level. Raise your spirits. Geek Cruises is a cruise specialist — we study and sweat the details, so you can just … chill. Whether your definition of "unwind" means high-energy recreation or quiet time to listen to your spirit, introversion or extroversion, you'll find your niche on a GeekCruise.

Like an easy answer to the eternal question "What's for dinner"? On your GeekCruise dozens of trained professionals work on that critical question while you relax. You do have decisions to make:

1. Would you like to eat with the Geek Cruises community in the Dining Room? We initially sit at tables grouped by potential shared qualities, and then you're free to table hop and do your own thing.

2. Looking for an intimate moment with your special someone or family? You can schedule a quiet, luxurious meal in the elegant Pinnacle Grill

3. Action packed, high-energy day? Visit the Lido Buffet for wide choice, healthy fare, and casual dining.

4. Or do you want a quiet dinner on your own verandah? Excellent room service is just a one-button click away!

Ready for a little pampering? You've earned it. Lounge by the pool. Linger over a good cup of coffee. Visit the spa and choose from relaxing, restorative, and revitalizing services. Take excursions designed to enrich your days and make memories. A cruise is full of creature comforts and thoughtful features that nurture your body, mind, and soul.

A little romance, perhaps? Luxurious surroundings and natural beauty remind us of life's pleasures. Fine dining, sunsets, and cozy corners warm the spirit. A cruise is a lovely place for couples …

Is it time to celebrate, or to simply gather family and friends and cherish the moment? On a GeekCruise, you have a balance of time together, and time to pursue individual interest. You'll meet multi-generational groups, extended families, and groups of friends having a great time on their GeekCruise.

Like to recharge your batteries? Rejuvenate your physical and mental well being. You can work out, walk, dance, curl up and read, see a movie, visit a new culture. A cruise isn't a routine, it's a menu of options for you. A ship isn't a place, it's a group of places for you. A cruise is a secure destination that fosters vitality. It's a cluster of physical and mental places — and places of the spirit — designed to set your energy free.

Come along with us. You'll be joining a group of people who share interests, experience, new ideas, and good laughs. People who have rich, grounded, complicated lives — like you!



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Neil Bauman and Theresa Mazich, M.D. are co-founders of GeekCruises. They are firm believers that education and travel foster personal growth and creativity that inspires one to work toward the world's well being.

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