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Times Journeys is produced for The New York Times by International Technology Conferences, Inc. (ITC) which uses the trade name Insight Cruises. ITC creates and produces educational travel events. From concept to destination, ITC develops engaging programs so guests can fulfill their quest for growth, learning, interaction and skill acquisition in travel venues.

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Come along with us. You’ll be joining a group of people who share interests, experience, new ideas and good laughs. People who have rich, grounded, complicated lives — like you!

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Whether or not you live in California (which is regarded as having the strongest consumer protection laws in the USA), California State law protects you in your travel arrangements with Insight Cruises. International Technology Conferences, Inc. doing business as “Insight Cruises” is registered with the California Attorney General’s office of the California Department of Justice. (Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.) The California Department of Justice has identifying information on the owners of Insight Cruises, our relationship with cruiselines, and access to the International Technology Conferences’ bank trust account (which the California Seller of Travel law requires). International Technology Conferences’ registration, which we renew every September, is #2065380-40. The California Attorney General’s Seller of Travel FAQs are here: http://ag.ca.gov/travel/faqs.htm.

And if you are a resident of California, when you do business with a registered California Seller of Travel, you can file claims with the “Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation” (or “TCRC”) in cases of wrongful taking of money, bankruptcy filing, or closure of business. The TCRC, a nonprofit organization, was created to review claims and administer the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. You can get the details at: www.ag.ca.gov/travel/consumer.htm.

How does California Seller of Travel law keep you safe? The Seller of Travel Act protects you several ways. It requires:

  • Businesses that sell travel to register with the California Attorney General.
  • We keep your travel-related payments in trust until your cruise sails.
  • Insight Cruises’ participation in the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation. The TCRC can be contacted at P.O. Box 6001, Larkspur, California 94977-6001.
  • Automatic Refunds for event cancellations not in accord with your contract
  • Written disclosures from Insight Cruises at the time you make a payment to us. For example, when you book your cruise online, you read and agree to the content of the "Book Now" page on the Insight Cruises website, which tells about our payment and cancellation policies, and gives information about insurance options, refunds, and travel changes. After you book your cruise, we send you an itemized statement which includes Insight Cruises’ contact information, California Seller of Travel registration number, and instructions on how to make a claim to the TCRC.

And while we’re at it...

Insight Cruises is licensed to sell insurance by the State of California Department of Insurance. Our License Number is 0D91804.

What does Insight Cruises’ IATAN accreditation mean to you?

IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) promotes professionalism and administers meaningful and impartial business standards to travel industry professionals. IATAN accreditation is voluntary, and means that a travel business consciously works to assure you, its customer, of its legitimacy and commitment to the travel profession.

IATAN accreditation tells you that Insight Cruises is a serious, reputable, business-like, professional seller of travel. Insight Cruises is an IATAN Travel Sales Intermediary (TSI) agency. Our IATAN number, which can be found in the IATAN database by cruise lines, airlines, and hotels worldwide, is: 05-701953.

IATAN accredited agencies must demonstrate that:

  • it has staff devoted to the affairs of the business, who have managerial skills and discretion
  • the business is a valid legal entity, and has appropriate business bank accounts
  • it can produce letters of reference from national or international travel industry suppliers or from national travel associations
  • its Website and advertisements show how customers can contact the business
  • it complies with relevant Federal, state, county, and local laws
  • in the case of Insight Cruises being based in, and serving citizens of, the State of California, that the business is a registered seller of travel
  • it has no pending or unresolved complaints at state or local consumer affairs office
  • as part of the accreditation processs, agencies must demonstrate revenue consistent with being a significant travel business.

You can get more details on IATAN at www.iatan.org

CLIA Helps Provide a Great Cruise Experience for You

CLIA (Cruise Lines Internationl Association) is a nonprofit organization which "promotes the excitement, desirability, diversity, and high value of cruise vacations". We agree with that view! CLIA educates us about many aspects of the cruise industry, which helps us prepare a smooth running, pleasant vacation for you.

CLIA has industry organizations members that focus on cruise lines’ environmental awareness and adherence to regulations; security; safety; medical facilities, and public health. CLIA member organizations work with two United Nations agencies: the International Maritime Organization, which is responsible for improving the safety of international shipping and preventing marine pollution; and the International Labor Organization, which governs international labor and employment practices and sets crew standards to provide a good work environment for onboard cruise personnel.

You can get the scoop on CLIA at www.cruising.org/About.cfm.


When the Wall Street Journal did an article on “the best bets in educational cruising” (Page R7, February 3–4, 2007) their entire list was: Crystal Cruises, Smithsonian Journeys, Elderhostel, and Insight Cruises. And the WSJ is not the only one who’s hip to the best in education on the high seas! Condé Nast Traveler, in April 2008, carried a sidebar (“Setting a New Course”) listing “a few companies to check out”: Insight Cruises, National Georgraphic Expeditions, and Regent Seven Seas!


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